We believe in the right to be happy.

And being happy is not having a lot of things, attending the best parties or bragging about the car of the year. Happiness is living. To live is to combine work with fun. Fun is doing what you love. So we want to make you live your life the best way. We want to spread the world with our Kiwi Way of Living, where the head is in the clouds, but feet remain firmly in the sand of the beach, ready to make a difference and transform someone’s world. We want to live life with you.

"Finding the meaning of life is transforming. As you understand yourself, begin to understand the other and begin to understand your Mission in this life. And your Mission can transform the lives of many people. Understand your mission in life and make it a business, not the opposite.

Dimitri RodriguesCEO & Founder

Every business is born with a purpose. And that purpose must solve some problem.

It all started in 2008. Unsatisfied with the professional paths that life had drawn and the corporate model imposed by an extremely competitive world with dubious values, a young brazilian decided to drop everything and move to Beijing / China. It was from this adventure on the other side of the world that there was born the will to do something that could change the lives of many people.

The Kiwi Superfoods project was founded on the ideal of freedom, lightness and full life in a business that could do well for the body and mind. That’s where our Mission was born: Inspire people to have a lighter and fun life. This is how Kiwi Superfoods was born. The joining of a purpose with the solution of a great world problem: Physical and mental health.

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