If you want to change the world, find your mission in life first and turn it into business, not the other way around.

Finding meaning for life is transformative. As you understand yourself, you begin to understand the other. And begin to understand your Mission. And your Mission can transform the lives of many people. Understand your mission in life and make it a business, not the other way around.

At Kiwi Superfoods we strive for our essence to appear at all points of contact with customers, franchisees and network contributors. Here happiness is not the final destination, but all the way. If you also believe in this, #Community!


We are in a moment of questioning and solving problems for a new perspective full of positivity. This requires a lot of imagination and love for what we do.

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Starring… the franchisees:

“"Here at Kiwi Superfoods, I think we are a different franchise chain. Not only for the product sold and the way it is done, but for being a family. Communication is daily, our opinions are always very valuable, always heard and applied when pertinent. Commitment and concern for each one brings enough motivation to move forward. The commitment of each employee goes beyond simple professionalism. We do what we love with love and excellence. Here I feel at home! "”

Vinicius Gimenes Franchisee - Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

“As a franchisee, I only have compliments. Many franchises do not hear you as we are heard here at Kiwi Superfoods. Here the word is TEAM. There is a daily communication with all of the franchise. They are always open to all ideas and ready to solve, along with us, the daily problems.”

Thiago de OliveiraFranchisee - Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

Our business models

With an immense capacity to adapt to the most different spaces and situations, Kiwi Superfoods has the ideal business model for your life project.

Express Shops

More compact and less investment business models. Ideal for gyms, clubs, hospitals and other centers.

Standard Stores

More complete and more investment-focused business models. Ideal for street restaurants, shopping malls and shopping centers with greater volume of public.


Values ​​estimated, and may vary according to size, property conditions and other aspects of each country*.

* Consult your local agent for more information.

Express Stores




  • INVESTMENT (for stores up to 20sqm)
  • FRANCHISE INITIAL FEE: U$ 10 thousand
  • WORKING CAPITAL: U$ 5 thousand
Standard Stores




  • INVESTMENT (for stores above 20sqm)
  • FRANCHISE INITIAL FEE:  U$ 15 thousand
  • WORKING CAPITAL: U$ 20 thousand

Want to be part of the dream? Say hi!

If you identify with our philosophy, enjoy healthy eating and want to work hard to make a difference in the world, you are a super candidate to be part of our family. To be our franchisee is to have a strong, consolidated and extremely professional brand with a young and innovative spirit. So, you’re interested? Just fill out the registration form and we will get in touch with you!