Meet some of the products that our customers love.

Seeking to simplify healthy eating and in order to facilitate democratization and with a high standard in the quality of ingredients, came to a result very well accepted by all who pass through here. The main of our products is love, after a good amount of quality.

Our juices are of a high standard, creamy and combine with a varied mix of exclusive products like: salads, tapioca, transparent omelets, sandwiches, açaí creams and more. All done on time and with the highest degree of excellence and food safety.

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Exclusive mix of lowcarb, vegan and functional products.

Green Salads
Hot Sandwiches
Clara's Omelets
Balanced Diet
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Whole products, without preservative and without sugar.

Super Juices
Whole Juices
açaí acai acréscimo

Açai Bowls

The high standard of açaí leaves everyone in love.

Açaí Bowls
Mixed Açaí Bowls (Açaí Berry with Tapioca)
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We have different dessert options for you to enjoy without guilt.

Fruit salad
Super Cakes

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