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Our loyalty program features kitesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, balloon rides, stand up paddle and more. Just participate and enjoy what life has the best.


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When you least expect it, you will come up with an incredible opportunity to do something you never imagined doing. We seek to encourage and make these situations become more common in your life. We have already raffled balloon rides, Wakeboard classes with the super brazilian champions and many other things not to be missed. Get connected on our networks because the next winner can be you!

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In #KiwiWayOfLiving happiness is not the ultimate destination, it is part of the way.

We recommend that you always walk beside her on your journey. If by chance you ever go away, follow these steps to find it again.

Find Your Purpose

Think about what makes sense to you, what makes life worth living.

Take the first step

The change starts at you! Take your purpose and make things happen.

Enjoy each moment!

Every day is a different battle, learn to live with difficulties.

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